Set of 14 Small Christmas Pins

Set of 14 Small Christmas Pins

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Set of 14 small Christmas Pins    

1 small wreath, 1 small Santa teardrop, 1 small star Santa face, 1 small realistic Santa, 1 small gnome Santa, 1 small snowflake, 1 small poinsettia, 1 small snowman, 1 small dove on holly, 1 small stocking, 1 small candy cane, 1 small starlight mint, 1 small Christmas tree, 1 small gingerbread man. 


This is a set of the best selling Christmas pieces. Recommendations are that you order at least four complete sets before buying individual replacement pieces for your most popular items. Items will be mailed out September 1st. 


MSRP $24.99 each 


    These pins are handmade in the United States. They are made of ceramic clay and go through a series of three hand paintings and four kiln firings. 



    If you carry these pins in your shop, you can package up unsold Christmas pins on January 1st, mail them to us,  and get a shipment of hearts to replace the unsold items by January 15th. Unsold item credit does not include the shipping costs or broken pieces. Shop owners are credited $10 each unsold small Christmas piece returned.  


    Shipping is free for all orders over $300. 

    Shipping is $15 for orders under $300. 



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