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A History of Success

ExClaymations started as a small family hobby in about 1988.

In approximately 1988, Jan Hinton, the mother of the current artist, purchased a kiln in a garage sale. The kiln was a purchase that, at the time, the family could not afford. Her husband, Mickey Hinton, had recently retired medically from teaching and the family found themselves falling deeper in debt every month. 

Jan was an incredible woman and artist. She dedicated herself to learning ceramics at that time. This skill and learning she passed on to her daughter, Kim, who was a single mother of four. Kim began to write poetry about angels in order to create gift items that would be healing and kind to give. After a few months of creating these poems and marketing a line of small angels and the noticing the incredible sales they generated, she sent the poems to her mother and her mother quickly began to make a line of angels as well. 

A the first major show in which the angels premiered, a wholesale representative saw the women standing around the angels and loading them into their baskets and asked to take the angels to the wholesale shows in the country and the amazing business known as Art to Wear took shape. 

Art to Wear grew and thrived with over 30,000 wholesale accounts all over the country. The line became the most successful gift product for consecutive years across the country generating an average yearly revenue of over 3 million dollars and employing 75 people. 

Then 9-11 happened. The country went into shock and within six months of that event, Art to Wear closed its doors and went out of business. 

Kim moved to Spokane, Washington and attended school full time eventually becoming a Special Education teacher. She continued making the jewelry and selling at small craft shows year round. 

On January 23, 2008, Jan Hinton went to sleep after a long day of teaching classes and sewing and never woke up. She had suffered a heart attack in her sleep. She will forever be missed. 

Kim had finished her Bachelor's Degree in English Literary Studies and applied, but not yet begun to work on her Master's Degree at Pacific University. She was working full time as a school para-educator in a Special Education classroom and had decided to pursue the career of a teacher working with students with disabilities where she continues to work to this day. 

While pursuing her degree, Kim worked full time and also created jewelry which she sold to Made in Oregon. The store ordered a large number of different colored hearts. After the death of her mother, Kim was up late painting hearts one night and asked herself, if Mom's heart had a color, what color would it be and why? 

This was the start of the new best selling line, "The Color Hearts." 

She has been slowly building the business for two years now, and is ready to share her success with your store. 

Our goal is still to create items which allow people to spread joy to those they love. 





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